Royal Challengers Bangalore Team Kit 2017 Official Logo & Jersey

RCB Team Kit 2017 for Indian Premier League. IPL 10 RCB Team Kit Jersey & Buy Online the new officially revealed team kit 2017 IPL 10. The prices & rates of RC Bangalore 2017 Indian Premier League.

Official Royal Challengers Bangalore Team Kit 201 (Shirts)

The Royal Challengers Bangalore have changed their previous team kit for Indian Premier League 2017 season and this is the perfect avatar of best sports team in the world. The new look of RCB jerseys is pretty attractive and the fans are totally in support of this kit.

Royal Challengers Bangalore official logo is not changed and they have kept that as same than the previous one, while the team kit is totally changed unlike the others. These new kit has been acquiring the black, yellow and red color with a perfect combination.

Official Royal Challengers Bangalore Team Kit 201 (Trousers)

The previous orange and yellow color is not more part of the kit, but black and red colors are welcomed by the designers to placed. As you can see the images, these new team jerseys having V-Shaped collar having uper side of the shirt with black color, while the front part except left/right sides of the shirts are also in black color.

Middle front and back part of the shirt is having red color. Left side of the shirt having logo of manufacturer while the right side acquires logo of Royal Challengers Bangalore. So this is the best combination so far we have witnessed in the Indian Premier League 2017 all teams kits.

The trouser of Royal Challengers Bangalore are fully approved by the black color on it, with thin lines in grey color. You can also buy the Royal Challengers Bangalore team kit & jersey 2017 online from different sites on the web in cheap rates.

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